Monthi Fest – Shanthi Sadhana

On the 08th of September as the Mother Church Celebrates the Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary, the community of Shanthi Sadhana-FISI, along with the Sisters celebrated this traditional feast. The celebration began at 7.00 a.m. in front of the Portico, Fr. Robin Victor D’souza conducted the Novena Prayer, The gathered faithful as token of love and tradition offered the flowers to Mother Mary. After the brief opening ceremony the faithful along with the main celebrant Fr. Robin Minin Lopez, proceeded towards the Chapel for the Eucharistic Celebration.

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Farewell Mass to Franciscan Sisters of St. Aloysius Gonzaga (FSAG)

On the 29th of August 2019, Shanthi Sadhana (FISI) bid farewell to five of the Franciscan Sisters of St. Aloysius Gonzaga (FSAG) who had come for the intensive two months course on Franciscan Spirituality. The whole community joined during the Holy Eucharist at 6.30 p.m. presided over by the Director of the Institute Fr. Robin Victor D’souza along with Fr. Robin Minin Lopez, Fr. Maxim Nazareth and Fr. Gerry Lobo ofm., to pray and wish all the best to Sr. Roseline Sheela, Sr. Vinnarasi, Sr. Leela , Sr. Mary Tamil Selvi, Sr. Mary Denisha. The Eucharist began with a meaningful introduction given by Sr. Sr. Romaldina Rebello and the intercessory prayers by other sisters.

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73rd Independence Day of India was celebrated at Shanthi Sadhana-FISI by hoisting the Tri-Color flag on the 15th of August 2019. Sr. Celine Joice gave a wonderful speech recalling the great freedom fight of our forefathers. Fr. Robin Victor D’souza, Director of the Institute was called upon to hoist the flag. The Diploma students sang the patriotic songs and Sr. Julie compered the program.
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Transitus of St. Clare of Assisi

On the 09th of August 2019 at Shanthi Sadhana-FISI celebrated the Transitus of St. Clare of Assisi. The participants of Diploma Course in Spirituality acted the Transitus very beautifully. During the Transitus Fr. Robin Victor D’souza, Director of the Institute preached a fitting homily of the Event. The Feast of St. Clare of Assisi was celebrated in a grand manner on the 10th of August as 11th of August 2019 fell on Sunday.
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Annual Picnic:

The annual picnic of FISI was held on 31st August 2018. After the morning prayer and the mass at 7.30 am we proceeded towards Shivanasamudra, a twin waterfall in the Taluk of Kollegal in Chamrajnagar Distirict. We had breakfast on the way. We reached the destination at 11.30 am. We spent almost 1 and a half hour in Shivanasamudra and then proceeded towards Mysore. We had our lunch on the way. We reached Mysore at 3 pm and we visited the Historical Mysore Palace. At 4.30 pm we visited world famous Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens and enjoyed the mesmerizing Zoo. It was worth watching. We spent almost 2 hours in the Zoo. Then at 7 pm we proceeded towards St. Philomina’s Church and witnessed one of the beautiful Gothic styled churches in South India. Then we proceeded our journey back to FISI. On the way we had our Dinner. It was indeed a well-planned picnic which gave us an opportunity to celebrate brotherhood and sisterhood as we danced and sang the songs of joy.

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Inauguration of Children’s Park:

On August 20, we inaugurated the newly constructed Children’s park. It was a long-awaited desire of the FISI community to construct a children’s Park at our premises since so many groups which come over here in search of peace, joy and harmony bring many children with them. It was felt that while the whole group would engage itself in prayer, the children would wander in the campus. Moreover, in view of attaching more such groups and to lead children in to a blissful entertainment a remote idea was realized on the 20th of August with the inauguration by Sr. Tara, FSM, one of the General councilors of the FSM congregation. We thanked God for the successful completion of this little project and prayed for the children and the families who come here in search of peace and harmony.

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Franciscan Get Together:

On August 11, 2018, on the feast day of St. Clare, FISI participated in the Franciscan get together for all the Franciscan families of Bangalore held in Nave Jeevam FSM Novitiate, Carmelaram, Bangalore. Most of the Franciscan brothers and sisters belonging to different Franciscan congregations participated in it. Fr. Basil Joseph, OFM Cap, animated the seminar on the theme “ St. Clare: The Eucharistic Woman” followed by a meaningful discussion on relevant questionnaire. Archbishop emeritus of Bangalore Arch diocese Rt Rev. Dr. Bernard Moras con-celebrated the eucharist and delivered a fitting homily calling all the Franciscans to live a genuine Francisca Life. In the afternoon after the sumptuous lunch a stunning cultural programme was organized. Our DFS students performed a meaningful dance based on the theme of the day. It was well appreciated. The programme came to an end with a high tea.

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Transitus of St. Clare:

On 10th of August 2018, FISI fraternity enacted the Transitus of St. Clare. Being a Franciscan Institute of spirituality, we felt that it would be just to render homage to our beloved saint Clare, the Little Plant of St. Francis by commemorating meaningfully her death. In the evening combined with evening prayer, our DFs students beautifully enacted the last days of St. Clare, stressing the important events of her life namely the procuring of the “Privilege of Poverty to which her last breath was awaiting to say good bye. Fr. Henry D’souza, the director of FISI delivered a fitting homily on the occasion. Everyone who participated in this meaningful cerebration felt the spiritual presence of St. Clare. Finally, we concluded the ceremony by paying  homage to the saint with the candle light procession.

transitus of clare 1 Transitus of St. Clare


The Annual  retreat of the Capuchins of the Holy Trinity Province, Karnataka, for all the  Guardians, School principals, Parish priests, Directors of Social work, formation houses and the Provincial Council was held at FISI from 23rd July to 28th July. Fr. Fernando De Costa, from the Diocese of Pune was the preacher. It was well attended by around 60 brothers. Every participant appreciated the food, serine atmosphere and the hospitality of the FISI Community which according to them helped them to make a fruitful retreat.

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The Director’s cum Community day was celebrated at FISI on 22nd July 2018. In the morning prayer held at 6 30 a.m., the community conducted a meaningful prayer service in honor of the director and prayed for him. At 11 a.m. the Director concelebrated the Holy Eucharist along with the guest priests and thanked God for the gift of life and specially for the gift of community and beseeched God’s choicest blessings for the year to come. Br. Gerry OFM Cap, deacon preached a fitting homily on the occasion. The melodious choir sung by our DFS students and conducted by Fr. Ronin Minin Lopes, the vicar and Programme coordinator along with Br. Devasya, the regent added devotion and exuberant to the celebration. After the Eucharist a short felicitation programme was organized and Fr. Alwyn Dias, the Vicar Provincial, on behalf of the province thanked Fr. Henry for his meritorious services to FISI and wished him a bright year ahead. A sumptuous meal was served for all the guests in the dining hall. Evening various games were conducted for all the members of the community and everyone felt the joy of being a community. After the supper a small unofficial cultural programme was organized and all of us enjoyed the community spirit. Final the day came to an end with the vote of thanks proposed by the Director.

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The inauguration of academic year 2018-19 was held in FISI on 16th June 2018. Along with the staff, new students and the invited guests, Fr. Albert Lewis, OFM Cap, the dean of Studies at Darshan Institute of Theology con-celebrated the Eucharist and delivered a fitting homily on the importance of being the salt and the light of the world. The melodious choir conducted by our new Regent Br. Devasya and sung by our new students added meaning to the celebration. After a light refreshment in the refectory, the Lectio Brevis 2018 began at 11.15 a.m. We inaugurated the year symbolically lighting the lamp by the dignitaries and the student representatives which was preceded by a hymn to the Holy Spirit. Fr. Patrick Crasta, the spiritual director of FISI presented a thought-provoking lecture on the theme    “ the importance of Franciscan Studies in the world of today”. It was well appriciated by the participants. After releasing the Calendar 2018-19, Fr. Robin Minin Lops, the Programme coordinator briefed the Academic programme to the new Students. Fr. Henry D’souza, the director proposed the vote of thanks and stressed the need to pray for the greater interest in the Major Superiors to send more students to FISI. All the participants sang the peace prayer of St. Francis and prayed that  FISI may continue to become the  abode of peace. Finally serving a sumptuous meal in the refectory the programme came to an end.

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Community cum Director’s Day was celebrated at FISI on 22nd July with vigor and enthusiasm. In the morning prayer held at 6 30 am, the community prayed specially for the director and beseeched God’s choicest blessings on him. Fr. Henry Dsouza, the Director  along with other priests brothers from the staff and guests priests concelebrated the Eucharist. Fr. Salvador Fernandes, the Rector of Darshan Institute of Theology and one of the councilors of Holy Trinity Province Karnataka delivered a fitting homily on the occasion. The melodious singing by the students of DFS and  fitting  and creative liturgy added grandeur to the celebration. At 12 30 p.m., the Birthday Cake was cut by the birthday Baby and a sumptuous meal was served for the guests under the leadership of Fr. Minin. At 4 p.m. various games were conducted for the students at our pay ground in honor of the Director. At 8 pm a wonderful and enjoyable cultural programme was organized by our DFS Students. The day ended with invoking the blessing of Our Lady.

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The academic year 2017-18 was inaugurated on the 17th June 2017. At 10 a.m. Fr. Peter Cyprian D’souza, Provincial Councilor of the Holy Trinity Province, Karnataka along with other guests priests concelebrated the Holy Eucharist and delivered a fitting homily. After the tea at 11 a.m. we all gathered together in the small conference hall for the Lectio Bravis 2017-18. The programme began with a hymn to the Holy Spirit followd by Lighting the Lamp. After a short welcome by Fr. Robin Minin Lopes a motivational talk was delivered by Fr. Patrick Crasta, the Spiritual director of the Institute on the theme “ The importance of Spiritual Accompaniment in the Franciscan Tradition”. It was well appreciated. Fr. Peter Cyrian D’souza released the Calendar 2017-18 and Fr. Robin Minin Lopes briefed the students about the Academic Programme. Finally Fr. Henry D’souza, the Director, encouraged the students with a few words of advice and proposed the vote of thanks. By attuning our voices to the Peace Prayer we ended the programme with a fraternal meal in our refectory.

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Franciscan get – together for all the Franciscan Families in and around Bangalore was held on 25th  October 2016 at FISI. The programme began at 9. 30 am. Fr. Henry, the director of FISI welcomed the gathering. Fr. Anil Sequeira, the Assistant Director of FISI was the resource person of the day. He delivered a inspiring Message on the theme “Franciscan response to Universal Violence “ and animated the workshop with fitting questions for discussion. The Eucharistic celebration con-celebrate at 12 pm. was presided over by Fr. Praveen Henry D’souza OFM , the newly elected Provincial Minister of  St. Thomas Province, India. At 1 pm. a sumptuous meal was served to all the participants at our Refractory. At 2 pm.  superior’s meeting was held in the upper hall precisely to plan out the action plan for the future and to demarcate different zones and to hand over the responsibility to host the future Franciscan gatherings. At 2.30 pm a trilling cultural programme was organized in our auditorium. Most of the Franciscan families in and around Bangalore participated in it and put up a mesmerizing show. By serving a high tea at our refectory at 4 pm. the day came to an end.  At the end, all felt that it was indeed a great day to experience the Franciscan brother and sisterhood.

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FISI, the Franciscan Institute of Spirituality in India, Bangalore inaugurated the Jubilee Year of Mercy with the Association of the Franciscan Families in India(AFFI), Karnataka Region (KAFFI). Rev. Br. Michael Fernandes, General Counsellor, OFM Cap. inaugurated the seminar with the hoisting of the Papal Flag at 9 am. The programme continued in the auditorium with Rev. Br. Michael OFM Cap. as the Chief Guest. Rev. Br. Dolphy Pais, Provincial Minister, Holy Trinity Capuchin Province, Karnataka; Rev. Sr. Apoline Cordiero UFS., Secretary of AFFI, and Rev. Br. Denis Veigas, OFM Cap. Director of FISI & Co-ordinator of KAFFI were on the dais. Br. Henry D’Souza, OFM Cap welcomed the gathering. “Francesco-2”: Laudato Si-Save our World (SOW); “Francesco-3” :(FISI Annual 2015) & “Francesco-4” :(Jubilee Year of Mercy-FISI Document) as well as “FISI-Brochure 2016-17” of DFS course were released. Rev. Sr. Apoline Cordiero delivered the Keynote Address. Br. Denis Veigas, the resource person of the day spoke on the theology, importance, significance and practical way of living the Year of Mercy as called forth by Pope Francis. Br. Dolphy Pais chaired the discussion and practical conclusions of the Jubilee Year of Mercy. Br. Dolphy then opened the Door of Mercy of FISI. Rev. Br. Michael Fernandes solemnized the Eucharist and preached the homily on how to become merciful like the Father. The seminar ended with lunch during which Br. Patrick Crasta, OFM Cap proposed the vote of thanks. There were about 60 participants from various Franciscan Congregations from India.

The blessing of the new grotto “La Verna” and installation of new fraternity at FISI

In order to facilitate the re-living of St. Francis’ stigmata experience in everyone who visits FISI (Franciscan Institute of Spirituality India), a new grotto “LA VERNA” is constructed at our chapel premises under the leadership of Br. Denis Veigas OFM Cap.  the then Director and under the experiential craftsmanship of Br. George Vitus CMSF. It was blessed on June 7th 2016 by Br. Denis Veigas in the presence of Br. Salvadore Fernanades,  OFM Cap, the counselor of Holy Trinity Province Karnataka and the Rector of the capuchin theologate at Bangalore, and in the presence of the fraternity. It indeed stands out as an example of St Francis’ immeasurable mystical love for his beloved Christ the Crucified One and as an object of meditation and contemplation to everyone who admires at it.

DSCN5245 DSCN5247DSCN5248


On June 7th 2016 a new fraternity at FISI is carved out under the process of installation by Fr. Salvador Fernandez OFM Cap. the counselor of Holy Trinity Province Karnataka. In the holy Eucharist celebrated at 6. 30. pm in the main church, he read out the appointment letters of the Provincial Minister and installed Br. Henry D’souza OFM Cap. as the Director, Br, Andrew Anil Seqreira as Assistant Director, Br. Patrick Crasta and Br. Gabriel Rodrigues as members of the Fraternity by officiating the ceremony and delivering a fitting homily. Everyone present thanked God for the out-going fraternity and beseeched God’s choicest blessings on the newly installed fraternity. After the Eucharistic celebration a farewell meal in honour of the outgoing team and a  welcome meal in honour of  Br. Andrew Anil Sequeira the new member of the fraternity.

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The Inauguration of Academic year 2016-17 of Diploma in Franciscan Spirituality was held at FISI on June 18 2016. In the morning at 9 30 am, Fr. Dolphy Pais OFM Cap, the Provincial Minister of Holy Trinity Province Karnataka, along with Fr. Charles Alponse OFM Cap, the Secretary General of Formation, and Fr. Henry D’souza, the Director of FISI, concelebrated the Eucharist and delivered a fitting holily stressing the need of imparting and assimilating Franciscan Spirituality with the blend of academic excellence. After the light refreshment at our refectory, the proper Lectio Brevis began in our Conference Hall at 11am. The programme was inaugurated with the invocation of the Holy Spirit by chanting a bhajan and lighting the lamp by the dignitaries of the function and student representatives. A fitting speech was delivered by Fr. Andrew Anil Sequeira, the assistant Director on the need of knowing and assimilating Franciscan Spirituality for life and study. Fr. Dolphy released the Yearly Calendar and Handbook and Fr. Patrick Crast, the Spiritual director briefed the content and the objectives of the course to the Students. Series of speeches were delivered in brief by Fr. Charles Alponse, Chief guest Sr. Alice, P.T. the Provincial Superior of  FSI, and finally Fr. Dolphy, stressing the need to know of the Franciscan Spirituality from different perspective of life. Sr. Lidia UFS raised the vote of thanks. By singing the peace prayer, we concluded the Lectio Brevis. To extend our fraternal bond towards all Franciscan families that were present for the function, a fraternal meal was served in our refectory.

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On 22nd July, the FISI fraternity along with the students celebrated the Director’s day. On 21th  evening a meaningful prayer service was organized to set the tone for the celebration. On 22nd morning , Fr. Henry D’souza the Director of FISI celebrated the Eucharist praising and thanking the Lord for the gift of life with the melodious choir and meaningful liturgy animated by the students of DFS . Afternoon under the leadership of Br. Gabriel a sumptuous meal was served to mark the event. In the evening a well prepared cultural programme was put up by the students to share the joy of their director. Overall it was a wonderful celebration to thank the Lord for the gift of life of the director as well as to experience the unity of the fraternity