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Provincial Minister
Rev. Fr. John Alwyn Dias, OFM Cap.,

Rev. Fr. Robin Victor D’souza, OFM Cap.

Procurator & Program Coordinator
Rev. Fr. Robin Minin Lopes, OFM Cap.

Spiritual Director
Fr. Joseph Dolphy Pais

Fr. Maxim Robert Nazareth

Registration for the courses is to be made at-least a month prior to the commencement of the respective course either personally or by the major superiors for their own members. The application form can be sent by regular post or via e-mail. Payments should be made through D.D. in favor of "Shanthi Sadhana Trust".


Franciscan Institute of
Spirituality India (FISI)

Dubasipalya, R.V. College Post,
Mysore Road,

Mobile: +9880282103/9448809244
Email: robincaps@gmail.com ,


FISI offers a variety of Courses

  1. Diploma Course in Christian Spirituality:
    14 June 2018 – March 2019. The course consists of three semesters, the Biblical-Christian, the Religious-Franciscan, and the Psycho- Spiritual.

    Any Catholic religious, men and women, in initial or on-going formation. The course is meant for those who animate the formees in religious houses, the catechists, the evangelizers, the psycho-spiritual councilors etc. Diploma: A Diploma in Spirituality is issued to those who complete the entire course with a comprehensive exam at the end of the course along with short scientific thesis. This Diploma is recognized by the University of Antonianum, Rome, and with it one can directly join the second year of the Diploma course at Antonianum, where two scholarships are reserved for the students of FISI. However, those who do not wish to write the exams at FISI would be awarded an attendance certificate. Special language classes for English and Italian are also offered to those who are interested.

  2. Two Semester course:
    15 June 2018 – 18 Dec 2018 consisting of General, Biblical Spirituality and Christian spirituality accentuated by Franciscan Spirituality.

    As above. A certificate is issued to those who complete the course with comprehensive exam and a scientific thesis.

  3. One semester Course:
    Any one of the semesters could be taken for the study leading to a certificate of attendance.

    Partial scholarships are made available to the students

  4. Five Weeks’ Intense Course:
    Spiritual accompaniment, training for Formators.

  5. FISI organizes group-retreats:
    For various groups such as Junior-religious, Jubilarians, Senior Religious, Deacons, Catechists, Teachers, Social Workers, Senior Citizens etc.

  6. FISI guided retreats:
    For individuals and small groups with resource persons’ availability.

  7. FISI and SFO:
    FISI conducts seminars for the Secular Franciscans at Province and National levels.

  8. FISI and Ecumenism:
    FISI has on its roll a number of camps and seminars collaborating with other Christian ecumenical groups.

  9. FISI and Inter-religious dialogue:
    Workshops to promote peace and harmony between different faiths.

  10. FISI and Social Empowerment:
    Of Women, Dalits, Labor-class, youth etc.

  11. FISI for personal peace of mind and heart:
    FISI is an ideal place for religious as well as lay people, including people of other faiths who wish to spend time with God, Nature and Self in quietude and serenity.

  12. FISI-for-all:
    Apart from all above, FISI facilities are open to other religious congregations, NGOs, who wish to conduct their own Provincial Chapters, retreats, and seminars, conferences of socio-religious, inter-religious and of ecumenical nature.

About Franciscan Institute of Spirituality (FISI)
The primary objective of FISI is to help the participants revitalize themselves with the spirit of St. Francis by a live-in experience, an in-depth study of the Franciscan sources and other Franciscan themes of vital importance. A few other relevant topics essential to comprehend the deeper significance of consecrated life are also included in the nine months’ Diploma Course in Franciscan Spirituality offered here. Interiorization and integration is the methodology followed in this Institute, which envisages a harmonious blending of spiritual animation, study, research and active community living in all its dimensions.

Shanthi Sadhana: FISI: An Overview

Shanthi Sadhana, Franciscan Institute of Spirituality, India (FISI), Bangalore, is a unique centre of study and research with live-in experience of integrated, holistic spirituality – a blend of prayer and interiorisation, with close harmony of fraternal bonds with each other and with a bountiful panorama of Nature. This Franciscan Capuchin International Institute with about 80 self-contained individual rooms in a typical Indian ashram cum religious convent setting amidst lush ecological flower and fruit gardens creates an ideal ambience for community living as well as for personal study and reflection, even with a cave experience.


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